Anybody else ever been "force gift" raided?

I remember a few months ago, I was sitting in my base trying to sort things after my friend had come back from looting/collecting before he went AFK. About halfway through sorting the chests, I began to hear footsteps outside, so I asked: “Hello?”. All I get answered with is a guy whom I thought was doing a joke Southern drawl (turns out it was his real voice; I felt bad later) saying: “Open up your door and let us in”. It was night-time, so I could see how many there were, but I knew that there was at least 4 or 5 of them, so in a Southern accent, I said something back along the lines of : “Nope, ahm too scurred”. That led to a debate that they were friendly and just wanted to share things, and me telling them “No thank you” repeatedly, and then C4 ticking on the wall. At this point, I’m panicking, because we’re in a 3x1 tower with my friend AFK on the second floor, and C4 in the chest for the day (we usually moved it to a random floor before going to sleep at night). As I’m running the C4 up about 6 floors, they start yelling “Have a goodnight” “We fixed your wall” and such. I figured it would be some sort of trap, so I put all of my belongings in a chest and went into the main room expecting a shotgun to the face, only to find about 10 P250s, 4 sets of leather armour, and a stack or so of bullets in the main room, with the wall fully repaired.

TL;DR Rust is such a damn weird game, with strange people, and I love it.

Well… never heard of something like that ever happening.

I’ve done that to people but I’m the admin of the server haha, wigs them the hell out lol. They never figure out wtf happens.

Lol, this is what boredom in Rust drives people to - insanity! :v:

I think stuff like this is great. I once walked outside hearing gunshots -to find a full kev standing near my door. I expected a shotgun to the face but instead he said “Sir, go back inside your house and lock the door” then ran off in the direction of the shooting. I lold so hard

I did that a few times. There was a server that allowed tp, so I had built a house so far in wastelands, that the only way to get there would be by teleporting, so I never got raided. After a while I had so much stuff, that I decided I would be raiding people, but instead of taking their stuff, I’d be placing loot in their chests. Very satisfying feeling.
I always felt bad after taking everything people had, so that seemed like a great alternative.

Here’s a true story I captured that is similar but not quite the same:

Some people can be so unpredictable.

I myself usually raid someone then offer them some small portion of their gear back so they don’t leave the server. Rince ans repeat :wink: