Anybody else feel the price of C4/Guns/Ammo should be increased?

I feel it’s too easy to craft ammo/c4’s for raids. I can easily raid a house somebody spent days on in a matter of minutes. Also to add on to that I think Guns should not be so easily crafted, you should have to craft parts for guns like stock,receiver,grip. Good feedback so far :slight_smile:

I think pipe shotgun’s handmade shells should be easier to craft, and all other guns should have tougher ammo recipe requirements.


C4’s should definitely be harder to make. guns and ammo is ok imo.

Like Gabinus stated, I’m happy with the balance of weapons/ammunition. I do, however, feel as though C4 is too easily obtained. I mean, it is used to ruin somebodies hours/days of work - it rightfully shouldn’t be so easy to get. Hell, within two hours of starting on a new server I already had five just from looting rad zones. It should be hard to get and should be only used on those buildings you really want to raid - not every structure to happen to come across.

Ammo is already pretty hardish to make, a stack of sulfur and coal will only make like 40 rounds or something

then there’s the high probability that you will die with your guns and ammo anyway

either way, it’s a moot point, game is still in development, i’m sure they will continue balancing things as they like

What about making C4 something that can’t be crafted and only available from airplane drops? This would make it pretty rare on a large server.
I mean people would still be able to raid with frag grenades, but at least it’s a little more inconvenient than C4 which is too easy to raid a place with.

C4 will be fine once combo lock doors are out. Then 10 people will build the same house with 50 metal doors. Raiding even with current C4 costs will be rediculous.

Kevlar should be more expensive. Everything else is fine.

C4, for sure. Guns? Nah, M4’s used to be piss simple to make a few months back, they’ve rampted it up a fuck tone, i think it’s fine as it is. I mean the only thing i can think of to make it harder is to add like something along the lines of a weapon craft kit. Like similar to something in STALKER Call of Pripyat were you need some specific tools/tool bag to build the weapon. Another thing that could be added in would be quality of weapons, poorly crafted ones/elder weapons would start to decay and bullets would jam etc. To prevent this either try to craft the same weapon again or get a weapon cleaning kit or something along the lines to try to restore the weapon to its former grace. Of course if the weapon was at a poor quality when it was crafted you won’t be able to raise it’s quality, but if it’s an old run down one you could. Just a suggestion.

i think that would make it even more exclusive to the players with gear, every time an airdrop happens, the players there with the most gun get it, everyone else usually gets shot
might be better to just make explosive charges rarer in rad cities/ zombie drops, and make them drop explosive charges instead

making ammo harder to craft will not fix the issue of ammo being to common, that issue is derived solely from the fact that there is another more efficient means of gaining ammo in the form of rad towns and zombies.

they need to nerf ammo from zombies so that they dont drop the high quality ammo like the 556 ammo and the real shot gun shells. they are zombies , you can farm them with a bow, so logically what ever they replace zombies with should NOT give the best stuff.

same for rad towns , rad towns need to be a HELL of alot more dangerous than they are right now and they should not give advanced weapons , only blue prints of weapons at most. i should not be able to walts into a rad town for an hour and come out with 120 556 ammo and a fully geared out m4. that shit must stop.

you should NEED a rad suit to even step foot in the larger rad towns ( the ones with 12 box spawns) Kevlar and leather should provide NO protection from rads

and c4 should require specialized materials , not gunpowder sulfer and metal fragments which are all easy to get , c4 is military grade explosives , so it should take military grade materials to acquire .

wood walls should be MORE durable than metal doors, its fucking hinges vs a solid wall , who the hell thought the wall would lose.

do you realise it’s actually labelled “explosive charge”, not c4
it doesn’t describe what explosive, it could be made out of vodka or cap gun caps for all you know, i’m sure those don’t require military technology

does it look like a c4? check. if you want to really convince me of that maybe then it should look like a bundle of dynamite or something .

it is beyond clear that its is advanced tech by nature of it falling out of the sky from an airplane

on that train of thought i want black powder bombs , and i do mean the silly round ones with the long fuses

Think it’s fine as it is, making it harder just means the bigger crews have an even bigger advantage over the smaller ones. I run in a bigger crew so either way, we’ll be owning the server we’re on, but it would be quite a bit more boring for us if others weren’t as capable of raiding as we were.

yes, advanced things come from airdrops, such as playing cards, food, water and toilet paper

check? explain to me what “a c4” looks like, i’m sure your expert opinion is useful, obviously, any explosive in a square container, powerful enough to blow up an entire door (well, half a door), obviously c4, definately couldnt be a weaker, primitive explosive…

anyway, my opinion is, it’s too hard to determine if it’s too easy to get explosive charges, with cheaters, dupers (not sure if this is legitimate), gangs, not to mention, a well built house will take alot of explosive charges to destroy, i’ll wait it out, i think if anyone wants to waste enough explosives on my house, they deserve the loot

The design/image is similar to that of a c4 charge, but it’s not that advanced. C4 dates back to the vietnam war or even earlier. All you need is some simple chemistry skills. Still, it’s not something that’s done with the components required in this game :rolleyes:

They need to add more components for crafting that’s for sure.

Would be nice to be able to craft weapon parts then assemble them into the finished weapon. Same with the explosive charge, as well as the weapon mods. Each and every one of them requires other smaller components that needs to be crafted.

Wood walls should perhaps be made more C4 resistant. Either that or make a ‘mid-range’ building material available such as stone that could survive more C4. I go raiding with people on my server and however tall the building is you can place stairs up to the floor with the loot room then blow several walls (4 c4) and you’ve got all their loot.

you comparing Vietnam to the stone age here mate , perspective please. but you do have a point in some ways , at the very least it would require a lab of some sort

price? no, chance to finding them on zombies / chests? yes

Gunpowder to make and gunpowder cost on ammo all ready went up tons