Anybody else Having Trouble Connecting to the Server?

I have played it once so far for around 10 minutes before being disconnected by the server. I attempt to refresh the window (as that is what the disconnected window instructed me to do) and now I am just stuck on the page where it says:

“Connecting to server
failed - retrying in 10 seconds”

So far it has “failed” 14 times. Am I doing something wrong that can be easily fixed or is it just because the game is still in alpha stage?


Yup - have the same issue however it does show 170 players online. Not too sure why.

I know of quite a few people having this issue right now. Give it time, the devs will sort it out.

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Even after a server crash the server will remain in the list displaying the same number of players online. My assumption is that the server crashed.

I’m certain the cap is 170, and the server is freaking out. Lots of people are lined up in the queue I’m guessing.

I think they implemented some sort of maximum slots

Not true, there was 360 people on EU a day ago.

It’s a possibility, I really don’t think so though - sounds more like the actual server being unreachable, will have to await some sort of announcement - maybe US/EU will return at the same time.

Well, they could have added a cap, like what HEALVUR states above. Just a guess.

This is true, i guess 170 is a good number.

Our server cluster system has an issue, Garry is currently looking into it.


Thank you for informing us.


Did the US server get wiped? Does anyone know?

Not yet, but the dupe got fixed on US

getting wiped now

US server dupe fixed and wiped, however seems unreachable just as EU is/was.

How are we gonna meet back up Gadd? With teig and get everyone back together?