Anybody else having trouble with EP2 Source sdk?

I’ve run Hl2 ep2 countless times but since reformatting my PC and running it again it no longer creates a folder and source sdk registers it as invalid or missing. I’ve verified integrity but it still persists. Is this due to the new steam pipe beta?

I bet it sure is related to the SteamPipe trouble, one could wonder if Valve wasn’t thinking right.

A relevant link I’ve found, seems they’re moving to the L4D style authoring tools for the games but EP2 appears to have been neglected for now :confused:

Damnit Valve you’re great but you bork things up enough…

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Solved it, for anyone having this problem opt out of steampipe beta in options and reinstall ep2.

Sorry to bump and kind of go off topic, but when are the new sdk tools supposed to come out?

You can opt out of steampipe beta and it will convert your gcf config back, while still keeping both versions. You can work in Ep2 with that trick until the proper sdk comes out.