Anybody got any feedback for plugpayplay? I might order a server

Hello guys,
I might order a server from plugpayplay, good prices.
However what are your opinions on them?

And it says its £5 extra to get server support!??

That has got to be the worst thing I’ve ever come across with server management

I mean, I can see why it’s there, but comparing it to many alternatives, it’s pretty shit

In the end i went with nitrousnetworks

I think I’ve heard some negative things, actually, but I can’t remember where so I don’t have anything to back me up here.

They’re shit, Niels/Julian (owners) decided they would try and extort some money from me back in 2012 when I cancelled the dedicated server I rented from their company. I sent over 5 cancellation requests through email, tickets and in the end joined his teamspeak and told him to fuck off.

TLDR; They’re pretty shady, they overfill their servers so they can keep the cost down, and to top that they’re an OVH reseller who buy the extremely cheap (mini-sp) servers which have shit performance when at least 15 servers are crammed on.

I would not suggest ANYONE purchases from this company, you’re better off going with NFO, or other WELL KNOWN names with positive reviews.