Anybody have Magenta's Workshop addons? He/she deleted them again. T-T

If anybody has any of these, can you link them?
I need the COD-like regen system for a video I am making, and any other addons would be a nice touch.
MCBP isn’t needed, I found a version of it but it is completely broken anyway :frowning:

Weren’t those filled with malicious and stolen content? :v:

That Guy/Girl/Thing is an asshole. We all know who he/she/it is. (Zoey/Wizey/Flora/Magenta)
I don’t wanna go into deep explanations as to why that thing sucks.

I needed airhike, now I have to get an alternative from the workshop.

If there is one thing that bothers me about the workshop is that if an addon is deleted, they are deleted from your computer as well.
Also I think there was only one addon with malicious code and it was meant for Venturian.

It was but malicious code is still malicious even if its aimed at idiots like them.

Yea, what a bummer, still he/she removed it instantaneously once venturian fell for the trap.
The code apparently deleted all his addons and messed up his gmod folder.

All the other ones that where left had no malicious code what so ever.

Watch this it explains a lot about Magenta.

Was gonna hold back shitting on Magenta but now that I see everyone posting might as well give my input. The guy is a douche, he uploads his stuff to the workshop but makes it one giant line of code so nobody wastes their time trying to look at it or edit it. He also got very pissed at me when I told him I converted one of his scripts to TTT. Overall doucher, you should understand that if it’s on the workshop it is open source.

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Magenta is Wyozi? Thought that was Hobbes…

Anyways, why would someone like Spy waste his time making a video like that, just fuels a troll.

awww did somebody say mean things about him again and make him have to delete his entire workshop out of pure rage :v: