Anybody know how to spawn in Blueprints as admin?

I am friends with an admin on a server and he has asked me how he could spawn in bps for himself as he would like to play properly but give people a few bps as they join, is this possible without a mod?

Legacy or Experimental?

No you can’t give bp’s to players as an admin in rust. Admins can auto learn bp’s via command or ui.
As an admin you can only give item only if you drop them off with the player.

If he want to give players items and/or blueprints when they jion he needs to mod the server.

Man you guys really don’t know how to help people. If this is the newest version of Rust then press F1 and go to the Item list. There will be a button that looks like a blueprint under each of those items

That will make you learn that bp automatically.

Try again.

when Server modded then take the the Modd “Give” then you can give players blueprints.

in chat:
example: /give “hatchet_bp” “player” 1

i dont know with the inv.give command but i think in console:

inv.give “hatchet_bp” 1 works.

i am on work so i cant test it yet.

Bottom line here is you can’t “creat” bp’s yet as an Admin.