Anybody know what version of Downtown this is?

So, I played on this map a while ago, and I was wondering if anybody knows the name of it. I had taken a few screenshots by accident.
Also, I played this map about a year ago, so its not a new map.

You can see in this part, there is a room, and the tunnel looks like its made out of bricks.


If it’s edited there’s probably little to tell what the exact name of the map is called because it’s been edited so many times.

Don’t use rp_downtown. I’m almost done with my rp map whoch will blow rp_downtown out of the water.

uh it’s just some rp_downtown_v2 edit

there are a lot of those because the original vmfs were supplied with the map.

You don’t need downtown to get players. In fact I’ve been using non downtown maps and people still play on my server.

Can I have a link to your thread on it?

It seems like people only play on Downtown, or EvoCity, so I’m not sure if people will play on it.

Nobody cares that much about the map, that’s why downtown so successful

It’s pretty much fact that you won’t get gigantic amounts of people on an RP server if it isn’t downtown or evocity, or if you’re not a server associated with the popular communities active now, but you shouldn’t care too much about it and instead try and give people a unique experience. While you might not get a gigantic playerbase, you can work to get a small and dedicated one, and who knows? You might get really popular still and be the start of a new large community.

here’s an old album of pictures of it

You can add me on steam if you wish to try the private workshop version of it.

My God, I’d love to see a server using this.

Wow! That map is actually really cool!
Do you have any planned date for its release, because I am trying to develop a good DarkRP server, so I don’t necessarily need a map at the moment.

(Also, if anybody could post here what they would want to see in an ideal DarkRP server, that’d be great!)

Hopefully by the end of this month, but we will see.