Anybody rent a game server from

Ordered a server from them about 30 hours ago and still nothing. It does say up to 48 in extreme cases. My issue is I can’t get an answer from them to clarify a few things. They won’t pick up the phone or answer voice mail.

From what I understand everybody recommends them on here?

How long did you guys wait before you got your server?
I understand they are working probably as fast as they can but a group of people I’m with asking me all kinds of questions since they helped pay for the server but I dont have any answers for them.


I got set up and running within 1.5 hours.

Wow thats amazing. Its been 36 hours now and my order still says pending and i can’t get a clear answer as far as ETA time… They said 48 hours in extreme cases…i guess im the extreme case. We’ll see.

Thank you for your reply. How do you like the server?

Did you pick New York as your location?

Just out of curiosity, has your payment been fully processed yet… as in, at their end as well as yours?

Yes i did.

I just bought my server. We’ll see how long it takes.

Didn’t check, gonna check.

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I paid with paypal credit card and it said it went through fine.

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What is the best server hosting website reputation wise? Would you guys recommend anybody else?

I have a feeling there may be nobody there…

Especially given that their Teamspeak is dead empty aswell… I would wait and see, and if when somebody eventually gets around to you, if their explanation doesnt sound good enough for you, cancel and ask for your money back…

Well they posted general update this morning so i know they are working on it. I just can’t get a specific answer from them.

Might be a little slow considering it’s close to Christmas.

I ordered from them before seeing this thread. I know they have a delay for their New York orders right now, so those are bound to take awhile. Because of that, I chose to go with a central-based server. Been waiting two hours now.

Keep me posted on your status please.

I’m pretty annoyed to be honest. I’ll keep you up to date.

I’m at the three hour mark for a new server out of LA. despite it saying a New York delay, there have been issues all day with the American servers (at least two other threads about servers being down). And Xmas. I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a good bit longer.

We went with these guys, and havent had any issues thus far.

How long did it take them to get the server up for you? I can’t wait anymore, my players are getting pissed and leaving for new servers…

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LOL, try waiting almost 48 hours now…very pissed. I hope it will be worth it. If i don’t get it tomorrow ill just cancel and go with someone else. My biggest issue is communication. Won’t pick up the phone or respond to email… When i asked on the forum about my orders he just refered me to sticky with general announcements and how new orders will start processing in the next 12-14 hours…WELL WHAT ORDER AM I? AM I IN THE NEXT BATCH OR ONE AFTER??? That matters a lot to me!

It took like total 30 min to get her up and running.
That includes paying, changing server names and getting others on the admin list.

Wow so 30 min from the time you submitted the order??? Shit im very tempted to cancel the other one now…Ill wait and see till tomorrow and if its not up tomorrow ill go with these guys!!!