Anybody running a gtx 970 or anything as powerful?

So recently i upgraded to a gtx 970 from a gtx 560ti, and its a huge performance gain. But… I still get fps drops to about 20 fps. Is this just Gmod’s optimization? Or is it my cpu

What cpu do you have?

i5 2500

I have a gtx 690 (I think it’s still more powerful), anyways it runs fine on gmod, it could be related to your cpu/ram possibly.

My cpu is trash, idk i picked a non k version. Do you know if the i5 2500 (4 cores 2.3 ghz) is bottlenecked by the gtx 970?

It should be fine, overclocked or not. Lots of people get by on much less.

The k version isn’t different in any way except for the fact that you can overclock it much better as far as I know. It’s really just garry’s mod’s shit optimization probably. I’ve got an AMD R9 290, an Intel I5 4670K and 8 GB of ram and I get FPS drops occasionally to the 10s and 20s. Usually in darkRP when somebody has some huge-ass unnecessary construction.

That is probably the gamemode and and an unoptimized server though, it is kind of expected to lag when you have 200+ props on a map along with 32 players on a decade old engine. Can’t really blame the game for being poorly optimized, maybe for todays standards but back then (and imo now still) it is very well optimized.

When exactly does your game lag OP?

I have a i5 4670k and a GTX 780 but sandbox will still lag like hell like half of the time. (ok, maybe that’s a bit overestimated, but if I have a lot of stuff in view it will lag)
Its just gmod. You will have lag no matter what setup you have. For gamemodes that aren’t heavily focused around building (RP gamemodes for example) my fps is constantly above 60.

Its definitely a CPU bottleneck and not GPU with this game, though

i have no dgpu i’m fine :v:

£60 GT 630. Stable 50ish FPS even on intensive gamemode with an i5 processor.

I have an i7 4770k & a GTX 970. everything’s fine here.

Gtx 780 ti ( yeah I like throwing money at shiney things :v: ) and a i7 3.2. Get a nice 110-180 fps.

Gmod is fine, it runs well even though it runs on one core. It’s really down to how optimized the gamemode is that you’re playing. Some will get yoi that sweet number and some will make you really angry with yourself because you think you’re playing on a potato.

Yea it looks like the CPU is the problem. Will removing pointshop headgears help boost fps?

Not even forced to be the gamemode.

Wire + hundreds of props + effects + unoptomized = bye bye cpu.


/me whispers into your ear; “AMD.”

To be honest, it’s just Garry’s Mod being Garry’s Mod.

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That is one heck of a GPU.

When it comes to Source your GPU is almost entirely irrelevant. I get maybe a 3 FPS difference running in 640x480 no AA vs 1920x1080 8x AA on my 750 ti. You need a CPU with very good single core performance to keep a steady FPS.

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Some of my friends say they get really steady performance on the higher end i5s.

Props and constraints have less to do with the frame rate than the Lua scripting system does.

If you have a lot of demanding Lua mods running at the same time (Wiremod, ACF, Pac3, etc.) it can really eat frame rates, especially if you have a weak CPU.

Another thing that can destroy frame rates is if you’re missing models or sounds that are in use on a server because the client has no sanity checks for missing content. It will repeatedly hammer the file system looking for the missing content hundreds of times per second until it finds the content, or it’s removed from the game and no longer needed.