Anybody still around from the browser days?

I’m just curious, it was such a tight community back then and i was wondering if anyone from then still plays the game. I remember esco’s group was the super power of the server and everyone knew who was a dick and who was cool.

I played like 3 times back when it was browser based and got murdered a lot. Then my account got deleted.

I played it a few times in the browser, but it was dead empty most of the time and I just logged in to keep my account alive.

Yep, I am still around. Been playing since July or August of last year. Have well over 300 hours in the game. I kind of miss that close community we had back than. Also only having 3 or 4 servers to choose from. That caused the fear of death anytime you ventured outside the coveted metal door of the time.

Oh man, I miss that feeling of browser rust. Strangely the thing I miss the most is the in-game music it had at the time.

I forgot about the music. Yea the music was great. I thought rust purchased the audio and having them make more. So hopefully they will re-add it at some point. Also the tricks that we had to use to get better performance. Such as running the development Firefox to get a 64 bit browser and download the 64 bit unity.

More like running Opera because it was the only browser that offered hardware graphics acceleration, or you ran Rust entirely on CPU and lagged.

Seriously. Nostalgia out the ass.

The chatter you hear felt very ominous, like shit was hitting the fan in a grander scale, and then there was just you…naked in a hostile lawless nowhere waiting to die.