Anybody up for doing a remake of Parasite on fretta?

I’ve been playing a bit of Trouble in Terrorist Town those days and i really feel that a couple of issues that plague most servers running this gamemode where handled pretty nicely by Parasite:

-The needs forced players to split, right now, in a small game, everybody usualy stare at eachothers in the same room, everybody leaving is seen as suspicious, there isn’t much room to work with as a traitor

-Rounds usually stretch for more than 10 minutes and when you get killed, it is REALLY boring to watch, a bit like CSS but longer. In parasite you joined the ranks of the creature as a minor alien and you could go attack the remaining survivors.

As to the second, you can possess props and attempt to slowly attack people with them. Or just possess someones barricade to dismantle it piece by piece, this is similar to what you said without being overpowered but it isn’t anywhere near as fun.

Yes i know, i’ve been there, but depending of the map it’s just a glorified spectator mode.

There is also the issue that you can’t really make “use” of those destroyed bodies, as in, you can’t really make the other players think that this player is alive, because of this the “missing in action” thing is usually defeated by players asking everybody to count themselve , and see who doesn’t answer.