Anymore Keys?

Well i just finishing watching psisyndicate Rust — Series 1 — Part 2 — Double the Manpower!
That was great

and i would like a key if Garry is making/giving away any more alpha keys
can it be soon?

I want key too but i don’t think they will be giving some in a while.

Ugh Psi is dragging in way too many people, no keys for you don’t ask.

You wont get any keys. Never.

YE i want a key so badly but ill won’t beg for it , i left a message to garry , maybe he will send me one…maybe he wont (which is 99%) but ill wait till ill die cuz this game , will be THE GAME

garry already blocked you

im sorry

Lower your expectations.

he has to go pretty damn low

ye probably

I apologize for the hemorrhaging amount of stupid almost all June 2013ers have put on display, I am ashamed

Go back to the shame corner.

Good, maybe others would follow suit too.

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sits down in the corner of shame and sobs profusely

i am not begging am i am just wondering if he is going to give out anymore


there are no more

stop asking

chill guys don’t spam , keep ur cool and PRAY TO GOD(garry in this case) FOR KEYS

Why are you always saying things like that for everyone who is asking about “when beta keys comes” or anything like that even they don’t mean to beg

Because there are NO KEYS

If you want a key, give garry YOUR money for gold.

Even then you are not even guaranteed a key.

Because they’re the 200th person (if not higher) to ask this fucking question. It gets annoying really quickly.