Anyone else care about the lack of updates?

Anyone else care about the lack of updates? or is it just me? Also, does anyone else think the dev to player communication is horrid? Whos the lead PR? Who’s the voice of the rust dev team?

You would think with 25 million in sales alone, there would be some sort of consistency in terms of “This is what we’re doing guys!” I understand it’s alpha but making the “burlap sacks HD” isn’t my idea of progression. Plus, the trello has cards from feb and jan and seems to be updated only in spurts.

Am I alone here?

You would think, if you didn’t know much about software development.

Plus, GDC is happening right now.

I mean, it’s unity.

Not a super hard engine to work with.

Clay is easy to work with but let’s see you sculpt a scale replica of the statue of David by lunchtime tomorrow.

Give me 25 mill, a team of 15 and I’d have updates on the hour every hour.

This game is made in Unity, the entire Engines purpose is for rapid updates being pushed out. It reality the code they made for the base game should be easily able to push out updates for any type of variable of the object. AKA

Handling of houses should be fully re-usable and able to push-out
Resource Script should be able to be re-written and they have apparently fixed the issue.
Guns should be able to be pumped out
Character updates for customization should in theory be able to get pushed out if its really simple like 1-5 different models.

Congratulations. Get a round of venture capital for that $25 mil and let’s see you make a startup, then, if it’s so easy.

Man, stop licking the ass. It s disgusting. They need at least PR maneger, or community maneger for rust. He should do an everyday stream/answer suggestion posts. That s all. I am ready for work like that, some other people are ready. Trello/Garry should find 1 person, who will just communicate with people and calm the forum.

Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it’s appropriate or productive to do so. There’s no point in going to the effort of adding in tons of content right now when they’re making changes to the underlying engine. If you add 10 handguns that are, by and large, the same, and then you make a change in the targeting code that breaks all of those handguns, you have to go and fix all ten. On the other hand, if you only had two pistols prior to making the change, you’ve only got two weapons to fix.

Put another way, you’re worrying about getting all the dials on the dash fitted and working when the engine’s still in 3 pieces and belches huge clouds of black smoke when it’s all assembled and started up. You’ve got priorities in a different order. Be patient and wait for the foundations to be laid.

Shut up, you’re Canadian.

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Who the fuck are you to demand a daily feed of streaming and Q&A for your $19.99?

Garry’s had bad experiences with community managers in the past, anyway. I don’t think you’ll catch him making the same mistake twice.

Remember, you paid for an alpha.

Unity is specifically made so that users can actually do that and nothing will break because you’ll be able to super easily fix that one main script and every single gun afterwards would work normally again. Unless they’ve actually done which I think is hard-code every single gun it should be perfectly fine em to push em out. tells you where they are up to. I would expect an update or some communication this week based on what they said.

There is clearly no overarching design, so the game is being developed iteratively. This means ideas will be implemented and tried, maybe discarded. They also appear to be in a stage where they are working mostly on the engine. This is the core, the foundation on which lots of features may be built.

Also, whatever millions they might get from sales can easily wasted. When you add up salaries, rent, and other business costs you would be suprised how much cash they could blow through. If you have 10 Devs, the yearly wages could be well over $1 million.

There are different staff involved in a project like this. The modellers can’t be put on development work. You can’t just put 100% of the company on whatever is most important, only the guys who actually know how to do it. The rest do whatever they know, which might be improved burlap sack models.

Not at all. There are a lot of threads like this one.

So don’t invite everyone over to see the progress you’ve made on your engine, only to blow them off, not pick up the phone for 3 weeks and pretend like its okay.

You mean, Unity is built around the concepts of object-oriented programming? Amazing insight. The point is, debugging a complex game with a physics engine isn’t always as simple as “make one change to the one main script and everything that uses that script works perfectly again”.

If it really, actually was that easy, Facepunch Studios would have the game ready for a 1.0 release already.

“Can you make HD burlap sacks?”

“Yes, sir, I believe I can!”

“You’re hired!”

Who the fuck are you to shit on EVERY person head in every thread i met you?

I demand? @he should@ - that sounds like an advise, not like a demand. But 3 weeks with no real updates and no real information making a demand of it. Not me, sorry, communite demading.

Q&A. Oh my god. That s so hard to read every day for 2 hours a forum and answer. You know, i don t care about money it can be 1.99$ or 19.99$ whatever, i can get this from boosting people in LoL, but when i am interested in game and interested in community - i want to help project and people.

Not so hard to find 1 guy. I told, not me, whoever. Just a nice person (not you, obviosly) who can do some answers or at least cheer up people around the forum. You are doing everything against this game and this forum.

Have you ever been involved with a major software project? I am guessing not.

If 1 mechanic can build a car engine in 10 hours, can 36,000 mechanics build that same car engine in 1 second?


There is clearly a number between 1 and 36,000 that is the optimal number of mechanics, and it is closer to 1 than 36,000.

You cannot just throw more money at a project to speed it up. It can certainly help, but the factors that determine the speed, quality and quantity produced are a lot more complicated than that.

This game shouldn’t be that complex, compared to other games this is really really basic stuff. The hardest issue they should be having with multiplayer is Syncing and even than somehow this manages to screw with your HTTP horribly. Also the Physics Engine is more than likely Unity’s itself otherwise it’s “rumored” to be Havok Physics Engine or Source Physics Engine.

Also @Pallaptink response is beautiful at responding to this man.

This is me and what every normal person would think a ideal dev team would consist of;

Main Directors/Planners - 1
Coders - 2(Could be 3 depends on how in-sync they are with each other)
Graphic Designers - 3 (Most optimal for pushing out updates for Graphics… I’m looking for things like tree graphic, better bitmap detail, etc if possible)
Sound - 1 (Everyone needs at-least one sound guy)

The project has been at the same pace it has been for the past year.


You are reading into what I say too much, you can’t tell me dividing tasks, and hiring more in areas that need assistance (art/programming/PR/resource management) that things wouldn’t speed up…

Think of rust like a house. Might take 15 diff people 3 weeks to build a house. Get 30 on board, thats the same amount of work, split up. More gets done.