Anyone else completely unable to run oxide?

Since update I’ve been unable to run oxide at all. When it does run it doesnt let me use commands. I’ve been running HFB and I ticketed them 3 days ago they finally messaged me back and said they’d fixed the issues, but when I installed other addons it broke oxide again.

Here are some errors im getting commonly from Rusty…

HFB told me someone was trying to exploit on my server but we’re pretty low pop and I got this error immediately after launch when only i’d logged in so I know thats not the case. When I get this error, the player it corresponds with is no longer able to connect.

I also got this error while running steam update (because even without an update I have to run it half the time to get the server to launch)

this was HFBServers response…

Sounds like a generic “Im not sure” answer to me.

Anyone else having troubles?

I had the same issues also on my server, it became unplayable to what seemed like lag. Removed Oxide, server runs like a champ.

You should give a try to Magma, it’s like Oxide you can make/use plugins :smiley:

I’m currently running Magma and Rust++ for now but my server is pretty dependent on an add-on for Oxide that does not yet exist for magma.

If you are running the Basic Economy plugin, I’d suggest removing it, as it will trigger “Player Client” errors when a user disconnects. There are alternative economy plugins, a couple compatible with the other’s format even I believe.

The Steam update doesn’t involve Oxide, as that’s something with your host setup.

No economy plugin I think it’s one I use for arenas actually.

I have this issue with Arena plugin, nobody can connect to server if arena is active, after every arena I just have to restart my server

It’s not just that though. I have HFBServers and when I install JUST oxide it still doesn’t run.

Check your logs for errors then. Broken plugins may cause issues, so you should make sure that both Oxide and plugins are updated.

I prefer Magma honestly but there have been some serious problem since the release. First it was the suicide message spam, now even worse 1 C4 destroys wood walls and metal doors when using Magma. Our (100+ on a fresh wipe) server has had to switch to Oxide because of this. :frowning:

uninstall oxed via control panel, connect to ftp site, delete oxidecore.lua, stop server, do steam update, install oxide, start server. - from an HFB user.

suicide spam is fixed, C4 will be fixed next version.

We now have about 50 plugins created in the first week!

I gave up on oxide. with the amount of updates needed to keep plugins current it was just to much of a headache. I’d rather have less plugs and more stability personally. I use Essentials myself atm, I’ll give Mag a try once it has been out a bit longer and most of the bugs are worked out. As for oxide I no longer have the urge to use it. The amount of plugins are awesome but the headache just isn’t worth it anymore.

Normally plugins only require updates when major changes happen. The only major, breaking changes that have happened with Oxide updates are the 1.8 refactor, and the 1.16 requirements for version and author to be specified in plugins. Aside from that, plugins should function just fine as long as they don’t have bugs in them.

Yes but that is the issue. Most of the plugs seem to have bugs in them. I myself did use a good amount of plugs and that probably didn’t help matters but at the same time my logs were full of errors and the constant lag issues drove me nuts. Using just 1 plug now with basically the same features has almost reduced the above issues. I’d love to use oxide again as it has so many different types of plugs but the issues outway my need. Oxide itself is constantly throwing errors in my log as well. Overall it has the feature set but to many different devs making so many plugs for it. Maybe I was just unlucky but I seemed to be trying to figure out the errors more then i was playing the game.

Magma should be quite stable as of 1.0.3 with a lot of new hooks. From what i have tested of other plugins in Magma they don’t seem to have any issues.

Well, if you have issues, just post the errors on the forum. Generally they are simple things that can be worked out. There is one major bug with Oxide right now, but it’s about to be fixed, and that should solve the majority of the issues users are facing from some plugins.