Anyone else constantly getting banned from servers when you destroy the admins?

More then five times has this happened to me now. Apparently people can’t take any kind of good competition in a server. But the last server this happened on was – [Extreme pvp fun - start w/ guns & ammo & supply signal][A. So anyone might want to avoid that server. Sucks they lost there most server loyal group. Feels like if you offer good competition you might as well not play. Is this a common occurrence happening to other people?

Hey Battle, we at TGR are going to be creating a server, the main reason for this is being that for a while we have been going into server’s and destroying admins in there base and many times we have been banned for ““AIM BOT”” and to be honest we are sick of it, all we want is a solid challenge without being called hackers, so this is a formal invitation to our server, where the admins are fair and are looking for a real challenge in combat so message me if you are interested in getting the server information. That goes for anyone who is reading this post, we have a team speak available for anyone who is new to the game or just looking for people to play with. The IP for our teamspeak is
if you have problems joining contact me on here with a PM

I don’t do this on my server, but I’m not crass enough to try and pimp the IP in the (often vain) hope that people will join.

Glad to hear that there is some hope of good admins out there:)

Yes. Me and my group get this all the time. People get mad because we killed them, accuse us of hacking. This gets the admins attention and they ALWAYS believe the people that are raging at us. Just yesterday some admins went after us and my group raped them. Their response? My group is hacking. Everyone must unprivate their steam account or get banned. So I just told them to go fuck themselves and just ban us straight away. I posted a little rant on reddit about it, but all I got from most people is “Your group is probably a bunch of assholes, you deserved it”

We have basically been forced to get our own server because it’s the same story everywhere. After a day or so on a server we WILL get banned. It is annoying as fuck.

i asked a long time ago and they locked the thread for some goofy reason that had nothing to do with the content:

this game appears to be heading in a direction that involves:

  1. rent server
  2. set population low as possible, kick everyone who logs in
  3. build up your empire with no competition
  4. once your gear is secure, open up the server to community
  5. maul people who join with no fear of loss or challenge
  6. post videos on youtube about how dope you are at rust
  7. get bored, find new game, go be tool on that doing the exact same tool things

this game could be a cool waste of time, but at the moment, it’s not very cool.


This shit is why I want to run my own server (and damn is it tempting!). The only reason I don’t is because getting players with the shear amount of servers there are right now will be such a pain.

But damn, it would be nice to have a 30 person server compromised of 6 groups of 5.

We run in a group of up to 10 players and deal with this a lot. Depending on how many of us are on we end up with a 4x5 - 8x9 3 story building in a few hours and instantly become the assholes in the server just because people see 5 guys running down big civ/resource valley/etc. in full kevlar shotgunning bears. So eventually 2 of us break off to raid a base and try to spark fun and they call an admin in claiming we hack. We ended up followed everytime the admin was logged in on one of the servers we played. At the end of the day you pretty much just get your own server if you’re running a giant crew.

Well at least we aren’t alone but it seems like everyone is starting to rent servers now lol. But I play with a group of 3-16 normally and just about any server where we go on and destroy we get called hackers. The skill gap in the game reminds of of counter strike but with less bitching. At least in counter strike most of the time people accept people as being good.

I was lucky to have found a server with cool admins, try checking out the site jwerd, a facepunch member, created:

And browse for a server that has some positive reviews/admins.

Are you in USWest? We have a great server and don’t ban people for shitting all over the admin crew.

Not in rust, but in battlefield yes. Nothing is more frustrating (and maybe satisfying) as getting banned because you’re awesome. But in rust, you have so much more to loose in terms of your time investment.

I won’t even quantify it with a probably. Just going by what you’ve admitted to saying, not even by what else you most likely said, I would’ve banned you.

Hell, just by your written tone, you’re not someone I’d want on my server.

And I also make people change their profiles to public. I want to see if they have previous vac bans, or if they only have rust, because so far, every hacker I’ve caught and banned was private or only had rust and whatever game had a free weekend recently.

This, very few hackers have public profiles with multiple paid games.

i got banned from a server because i got into the admins 3x3 wood house.

one of their guys left the front door open FML
the coolest admins ever and its #2 server on community prime time

Our server has great admins. I am one of them, so I am biased, but we frequently raid people and lose. We frequently get raided and lose. Some groups are just better than you, and we put up a good fight, but we don’t cry hackers when we lose, and we only ban people for legitimate reasons.

Community servers are a crap shoot, simply put.

I was banned from one for advising a new spawn that the established players will grief new spawn houses (every time, with the help of an admin mind you) with wood spike walls “because that’s part of the game, and they deserve it”.

I was then banned from a second for apparently supporting gay rights? IIRC all I asked was why it was OK to bash homosexuality but not religion on the server. I guess I had some hidden agenda. W/E. I didn’t care either way, I just thought it was an odd line in the sand to draw.

There’s more but yeah, you’ve just gotta roll through them until you find an admin who has had his xanax.

Ive been there, i think i have around 15-20 server bans(assuming all were perma) and i actually stopped playing, but recently a buddy of mine got his own server, so now our group is back. Not many people yet but we wont ban for getting killed or raided thats forsure. if your interested. located in central US i believe

My faith in humanity died alittle more because of that story… people make me mad.

Come on over to Tallios Server

If you can crack my house; you’re welcome to what you find.