Anyone else currently unable to go online in Steam?

Can’t connect, no firewall or network changes on my end, don’t know if Steam is down or not?

Steam is down.

Every Rust server is offline at the moment :frowning: very usefull.

^ Pinned to my desktop, thank you! :slight_smile:

Anybody know the possible reason? I remember last time it was some people DDOS’ing it.

This one is the best for checking steam servers.

It’s maintenance, it even says so in the friends list.

Just sit tight and ride it out. Rust will still be there when you log back in.

No one seems to actually know what’s going on because Valve doesn’t seem to be acknowledging the problem despite it going on for like three weeks now. And if anything it actually seems to be getting worse rather than better. Having multiple outages in one day is happening more and more often and a few weeks ago it wasn’t every single day like it is right now.

90% of the time that your friendlist says maintenance it’s actually not maintenance. When it’s actually maintenance it will almost always say that you just couldn’t connect to Steam.

I never knew that, I always assumed if it was anything else it would say: ‘cannot reach steam servers.’