Anyone else get fps lag from playing Rust?

Anyone else get the huge fps lag? Or is it just me? (I use google chrome on a mac)

turn down your settings
upgrade your parts (you’re on a mac so this isn’t really a thing unless you buy a whole new mac or build a pc)


McBadie, you can rate me dumb, but it doesn’t change the fact that his Mac’s parts are probably the reason Rust lags, depending on what FPS exactly he’s speaking about. If it’s constantly low (between 1 and 30) then it’s probably his parts, which he’s not going to be able to upgrade with a Mac unless Apple suddenly decided to stop making their system parts unmodifiable.

I’ve tried doing that, and i’ve got windows on my mac too

irrelevant of whether you’re running a boot camp windows, upgrading your parts is a physical thing for people with pcs

you literally buy more powerful parts and stick them in, your mac’s parts probably aren’t quite up to scratch, even with a more recent mac, most of the price they charge you is for the gloss and the OS iirc

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i’m not sure if upgrading macs is a doable thing but a custom built pc is really the way to go nowadays

It was playing perfectly until all of the new “improvements”, over the last week or so I noticed dramatic FPS drops and have had to turn settings down. My rig can run Crysis 3 fine so shouldn’t really have issues.

What’s the GPU in your Mac, RustyBeans?

Also, remember, this is an alpha, performance is not a concern. Make it work, then make it work more efficiently.

I can run Crysis 3 fine too, but Rust still has the occasional performance hiccup when there are a lot of player structures, I can get taken down to 20-30FPS by some places. For the most part though, the framerate is high, especially with the most recent update

Being able to run Crysis 3 fine has no effect on whether Rust will run well, it’s unoptimized, so why exactly should it run perfectly? They’re working to fix this.

Feel free to read posts before replying.

As I stated, two weeks ago no graphics lag > Now substantial Graphics lag

All I am saying is that there has been some reduction in performance due to recent changes, who knows, devs may actually want people to tell them these things??

Oh and seriously does every thread have to be spammed with the same “cry, cry, it’s only in Alpha” spam…

do people like not get that the game is in alpha? or something?

You’re meant to be breaking and testing the game. That’s the point of the game. They throw updates at it no matter how good or shitty and test the limits of what they can do.

Game runs fine for me untill i look at my groups ( Large and active ) town. Then things go to hell. My advice would be to live far out at sea so you dont have to render anything =P

Which would be why we are posting that there are graphics issues, are you really that dense? I am not saying I don’t think issues should exist but merely that there IS an issue for the devs to look into? I am truly staggered by the sheer stupidity of responding to every post about issues, with a claim that it is in Alpha. Of course it is, thank you for pointing out the obvious.

Optimization is a HUGE concern

Optimization is polish; a lot of work is required to optimize code.

In alpha, you may end up having to throw an entire pile of code out and start over because it needs it.

If you spent two hours working on that code, not so bad. If you spent six hours working on an then polishing that code, you just wasted four hours for absolutely nothing. and this could happen repeatedly during early development while they’re getting the engine solid.

Saying performance is a huge concern at this early stage in the game proves that you’re thinking like a release-level player, not an alpha tester or a dev. Will performance become a top priority? Of course. But there’s no point in sanding and painting the the 2x4s making up the framing for the foundation you’re going to pour for your house. Too early.

Would you like to work your ass of on a game, then realizing that you’re stuck with a shitty performing game and everybody has low fps? Would you like to have to fix all that at the last minute or would you like to optimize as you’re going?

Do you even code bro?

No, seriously. You sound like you have no idea how software development works.

No, it sounds like I don’t agree with you.
If I am completely wrong, wouldn’t you mind backing that? Saying “do you even code bro?” Makes you sound desperate. Trying to act like you are experienced in making big games.

Besides, why even act like saying “Optimization is a HUGE concern” is an opinion?
Fun fact: It isn’t

Maybe if I said “Optimization should be a HUGE concern”, but I didn’t.

Alpha is the foundation, wouldn’t like to take your chance to polish the cracks before the house is on it? Optimizing in alpha has less risk of destroying half your game. Fuck up in alpha > pissed off, recoding
Fuck up after release > everything above it collapses, have to code your way around doing it again

Doing that as you go means a lot less risk of failure. Going way back and changing code isn’t as safe.

“Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” -Donald Knuth, author of The Art of Programming

Now, there are two distinct interpretations of this sentence.

The first, the one I intend on concentrating on, is just that: prematurely optimizing your code is a recipe for disaster. I’ve already explained one of the reasons why. Spending too much time polishing and streamlining things when they aren’t even finished yet is a fool’s errand.

To be sure, optimization should not be ignored or left to the absolute, final, last step before shipping software out the door, either, and that is the second interpretation of Hoare’s Dictum (as Knuth later named the phrase): You cannot simply ignore all optimization and wait for hardware to get faster instead.

In any game, there are two major phases of development, and in most cases they are going on simultaneously if there are enough people working on the project to separate them: Making the code work, and developing content for the code. I’m going to ignore all the other phases like bugtesting and QA and porting to other platforms, those are so far beyond where Rust is at right now, they don’t matter.

You want to optimize the code when it makes sense to optimize it. There is no sense in optimizing things too early. If the Rust devs create one element of the code, and the optimization process is straightforward and simple, then it stands to reason to get the optimization done right away.

But when you are working on a large engine filled with interconnected parts that depend on each other to make the game work, premature optimization can lead to problems when you try to get too clever in one piece of code when the stuff it’s working with is barely working.

In other words, complaining about bad code performance and lack of optimization is valid, but it isn’t more important than getting things working first. The entitlement people often display alongside their whinin…I mean feedback… just shows that they don’t understand how to test.

During an alpha, you put up with inconveniences like buggy glitches or poor performance. It’s why it’s in alpha. Only when it doesn’t change for an unacceptably long period of time, or the devs try and rush through (coughTheWarZcough) to release anyway should you raise a big stink.

Alright, you proved your point, I back down.
But I must say that alpha’s point is for feedback. If they complain, it’s still feedback that can reflect the final product.

I can’t wait until they do optimize it, it’ll be a really good game!