Anyone else get rekt by the dupe exploit?

I was in my base chilling out making some cloth pants to hide my penis, and then I hear 2 guys outside talking.

GUY 1: “Yo dude want to hit this base?”
GUY 2: “Did you bring the c4?”
GUY 1: “Yeah, I have 50 on me right now.”

As you could imagine, this was my reaction:

At this point I was bit worried, and went outside with my shiny thompson. I died.
I respawned and tried to stop them again. I died again.
I only had one bag, so I had to wait to respawn.

My bag wasn’t there, so I knew I was raided. But, I didn’t know I was going to be raided that hard. A 3x3 stone house just disappeared, no where to be seen.

My foundations weren’t even there, and they were bragging in side chat of how they had unlimited c4. I look on the forums, and bam a dupe glitch. As of right now, it is supposedly fixed.
I don’t want to be a dick, but does anyone think we should have a wipe for the official servers? Everyone has their own opinion, but just try to think if you were in my shoes. I was rekt by the dupe glitch.

(User was banned for this post ("image macro" - postal))

I wiped all of my servers once I came back from vacation and saw about the exploit. On one server I caught a few guys in the act. They were trying to act discreet about it, but after I saw them spamming C4 (literally throwing it everywhere) I knew I had to return the favor. A little noclip mode here, a few arrows there, and a dash of teleport thrown in for fun.

After a few rounds of spawncamping, the accusations of “omg admin abuse” started. I found that awesomely ironic.