Anyone else getting this error?

I know the ddos is back and people can’t connect, it seems that i’m getting a different error message than i was last time… Don’t know if anyone can let me know what this means!

someone just posted this lol, I am also in the same boat with the error.

yup just checked and thats exactly what I see in my console.

Mines just got something else at the top.

same problem here.
impossible to join anyserver

seams to be related to the network stack for the gameservers falling over, with so much bad traffic it causes a unexpected response and the client gets confused as hell about it. if you press F1 and the re-connect button enough times, eventually you will connect to a server but it can take quite some time.

same here…

some servers seem like full like 127/128 etc. how can people play while we can’t connect? what is different?

I am getting the same error that you posted.

Could be the Steam Master Server going down, not allowing authentication for connection.