Anyone else have problem with chatbox glitching?

I am referring to messing around in another window while on a server and you close it and hit Y, the chatbox “freezes”; this stops you from opening any windows such as ESC menu and Console. Hit Y or U just results in you snapping view to a different angle in first person. The only work around I have found is getting an admin to kick me and rejoining or restarting gmod by ctrl+alt+deleting. To be more specific this only happens in PERP due to it have OOC and Local chat channels. I hope someone can help me out with this and give me some useful insight on why this may be happening. It only seems to happen to a few people.

Edit: It’s not only on PERP. I was playing sandbox with a friend and it happened to him.

Yeah, this is a bug.

“Fixed” it by binding a key to ‘cancelselect’ I push it when it happens. It fixes it.