Anyone else have their server hacked? Heads up to server owners!!

A little over one hour ago my server was hacked while I was out running errands. Friends contacted me and when I got back I had found that someone was able to retrieve my rcon pw and not only ban those that were in the server they also found time to make their own ULX group. This is what I found in the logs:

“♥Princess Jake - Vevoxa.comâ™<156><STEAM_0:1:30747019><>” entered the game
L 11/02/2014 - 15:04:44: [ULX] (SILENT) Sadistic ran lua: for k,v in pairs ( player.GetAll ( ) ) do v:SendLua ( [[sound.PlayURL ( ‘’ , ‘stereo’ , function ( ) end ) ]] ) end

They also changed host_timescale 2

Even more interesting is this turd Sadistic was karma banned during his time in the server but then remotely unbanned himself just seconds later.

Not sure if this is something that Garry knows about or if this is old news or what but I thought I would get the word out in case this is something new. For those that are interested, these three idiots who clearly never got enough attention from their mommies as kids, their steam ids are:

Princess Jake - STEAM_0:1:30747019
Sadistic - STEAM_0:1:62132405
Im Friendly - STEAM_0:1:73012010

Sorry if this is a waste of time but wanted to get the word out about these morons.

Earlier in my server a guy joined and someone turned sv_allowcslua 1 on for everyone in the server, as if he remotely did it. I use srcds so I don’t see any possible way for him to do that, but he did. I then just banned him with ULX for it, but I still question how he did it.

Yes I understand there are C++ hacks out there that can inject in your game to make YOU able to use sv_allowcslua 1. But it was like a full blown server sided thing, it did it for everyone and in chat is said Cvar sv_allowcslua changed to 1.

Do you guys have sprays enabled on your servers?


  1. sv_allowdownload 0 and sv_allowupload 0 (sv_allowupload 0 will disable sprays)
  2. Don’t store your rcon pass in your .cfg files
  3. Don’t store your rcon pass in your .cfg files

Disable sprays on your server, SOMEONE (he knows who he is) gave out his exploits like candy for a bunch of kids to use, hence the influx of sweg haxers.

You don’t really have to disable rcon as long as sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload are both 0.

still doesnt hurt to remove it from the cfg if they somehow have another way to get it from cfg

doubt it

he did, there’s also a reason why one of the exploits is being patched in next update :v:

Willox you naughty boy.

Although the drama caused by him releasing the exploit publicly is a pain, it’s the best way to get game developers to fix an exploit.

This isn’t a leaked exploit.

What a douche

2 out of those 3 steamids already had permabans on my servers :o

Nothing was released, The server owner in this thread was dumb and was using leaked garbage

It wasn’t released, it’s just not hard to get.

I don’t know if the address and stuff is legit but people should really change their whois information…

People should then immediately inform these unaware people and not be a cunt and post personal shit publicly, even if it is already public, don’t make it more public.

Was unware that this was the ‘hackers’ shit, yeah, whatever, they seem like cunts.

if you set sv_allowdownload to 0 and sv_allowupload to , how can you still use fastdl or can you not?

Those commands aren’t related to fast dl