Anyone else having problems with Rust on Mac, since last update?


I was starting the game today like I do everyday, but then this:

Can’t seem to fix it restarted everything, i hear the game just running fine in the background but as you can see the screen is f*cked up. Or in some attempts black.
Same go’s for experimental branch…

My Mac:

I played 1070 hours of Rust without problems so i guess it has to do with the latest update.

I’m happy that you write this, because I have the same problem. Instead of the game menu I get a black screen.

Off topic: Do you play with an integrated graphics chip (I have a macbook air) and tried experimental mode? I never see any options in the menu, graphics just stays grey, so I can never go fullscreen to test if that would make the performance better (it’s horrible).

I also got the black screen a couple of times.

About the experimental branch, the option menu doesn’t work.
You have to use F2 (FN F2) there are some settings, they just fixed that menu and I was about to test it but it seems Rust is broken for now on OSX

Are both versions broken?

** thanks for posting this problem on the forums. I play rust on mac and ever since yesterday night I would have a black screen but the menu music would play. It will run normally on windowed screen mode, but windowed doesn’t supported my desired resolution(1280x960) where my accuracy is very good. In windowed I can’t hit anything.


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Yes you are right, tested it. Only Fullscreen mode is broken. Windowed seems to work, but i play on a low resolution so it’s a bit crappy. But he i can open my doors agian so my base won’t decay!


When playing window mode, alt+enter makes the screen go black to…

How do I tell the game to go windowed mode? Is there a way as in some mac apps to press CRTL while starting the game to show a menu? But then I had to start the game from the finder, not steam? Alt + Enter doesn’t work in the black screen.

Do the developers read this here? Or do we have to file a bug report somewhere? Should be done ASAP.

The dev’s read the forums, and i send a tweet to @garrynewman. All you can do!

Holt down ‘alt’ at the app launch from finder, it should pop-up the option menu. You can choose window mode there. I advice you to uncheck the ‘only start option menu when the option key is down’ option. It’s an alpha game so you need the option menu now and then.

Edit: not 100% sure it’s the ‘alt-key’ could also be ‘cmd’ or ‘ctrl’ just try.
You can quit rust fullscreen with cmd-q so no problem to try couple time.
If that doesn’t work push the dashboard-key it will get you out of Rust so you can right click it and quit.

I use a mac and have had no issues on legacy rust, I haven’t tried experimental in the last couple of weeks etc.

And you have runned Rust fullscreen since yesterday!?

Maybe only the integrated graphics in the Macbook / Macbook Air / Mac Mini are affected? What is your GPU? Mine is an

Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB

Ok, thats not integrated graphics, so that’s not the cause of the problem.

It’s really starting to get anoying now. I’d really like to play fullscreen agian…

I really hope it’s going to be fixed!! Playing Rust in a envelope sized window sucks!

Yea its broken, I get a black screen as well on launch

As someone else said in a nother thread you can play fullscreen but you have to select the highest possible resolution. I tested it a bit, selecting the resolution that comes next all ready gives you a black screen. To bad for me because playing on the highest resolution on my old Mac issen’t an option. But I hope other people can go fullscreen agian.

Yes this is still broken. This is pretty bad for some mac players. I can’t play at lower resolutions.

We would be happy if this could be fixed. I know the focus is on the new version of rust though. Does anyone at Facepunch know why this broke?

What’s up with the freaking dumb voting? You some kind of apple hater?

Sadly this is broken on the Experimental version too. So you can only play Rust now - both versions - on the highest resolution setting. Trying to start at a lower resolution leads to a black screen and a freeze (had to restart my mac).

It would help a lot of us mac users to be able to play at lower screen resolutions.