Anyone else having trouble with SVNs?

My SVN updater won’t update certain one for some reason.

Namely wire, shotgunguy’s player models, and a few others. every time I try I get errors about it not being able to connect to the server.

Give the wire SVN address you are using.
It may be old and out of date.

Apologies for being noobish, but, how do I get the address?

I went to use it agai nto see and it gives me a sourceforge address

Then the address is fine. How odd. Have you tried re-installing tortoise svn?

I haven’t been using tortoise, I’ve just been using the SVN updater with a preset list.

Try using tortoise SVN.

Actually, some of the problems ones are updating. I think my connection is just being wonky.

What a surprise. SVN is giving people problems. Of course, it’s been giving problems since it was CREATED, namely the fact that it’s inconvenient and stupid in all respects. You’ll notice, btw, that is fully functional and up and running :wink: What a surprise there, too…

Do you even know why people use SVN?

Let me tell you…

Addons such as Wire can go through 5-10 updates a day. Imagine the amount of time and bandwidth it would take to upload each one. Now imagine if we could just update the files that changed. Oh wait we can, with SVN!

Also note that all problems caused are system or user errors, not the program its self.

FYI, wire from has never worked properly.

It should, considering that GLua is simply a website letting people download SVN dumps if they for some reason are unable to SVN checkout by themselves.

I’ve had people complain about things not working there, then getting normal svn and the problem going away.

Erm, you claim that Wire needs to be updated 5-10 times a day. Does it not occur to you that this is a RIDICULOUS amount of times to be updating? Why can the creators not work on a large update every once in a while, rather than irritating, tiny and probably unimportant updates every 4 hours? Have you EVER found ANY pack on that needs to be updated so ridiculously frequently, every time the creator renames a .lua? You’re deluding yourselves.