anyone else laggy on the experimental servers?

When i try to play the experimental server i get like 10 fps and it looks like there is so much motion blur it hurts me eyes. I play normal rust on a comfortable 40+ fps. Is anyone else getting this?

Hit F2, that seems to be a graphics settings menu, according to a different thread. Also try gfx.all false" in the console. This should turn down the effects, but I don’t know if the commands are in the experimental build.

The experimental build is not optimized to the point that the normal branch is, if all the settings are left up. This, however, will change as the experimental build becomes less experimental and more tested and solid.

I am getting a pause of a fraction of a second every 10 seconds, no matter which options i change when i press F2.

The normal branch is far from optimized, they seem to be having problems with getting smooth gameplay which should be priority number 1

They’re switching from that branch to the experimental branch, porting everything over, and then having the experimental branch replace the current normal branch as the normal branch once everything’s ready to go. The current normal branch isn’t really gonna be updated and smoothed out anymore, they’re kinda starting fresh with what’s currently the experimental branch. :slight_smile:

Is this when you’re moving?

Yes while running or walking. not seeing it when i stand still and looking round and it does not seem to matter which res i run full 1080 or 720

i don’t have an amazing pc. 9550 quad core athlon , 4 gig ram and a Geforce GTX 650 Ti

Yeah that’s the grass being generated… we’re on that.

Good stuff :slight_smile: i was thinking my rig was not up to playing this game.

also looks like the last few weeks of work you and your team have done were well worth it. Kudos

Time 16:00 yep i get no lag now grass is gone

My rig is good enough to slay this game 10x over yet I still have so many issues because it’s coded poorly or bad server host not sure which. this next version has many ppl in my same position excited that maybe the performance with the coding or server host will be ironed out so this game can be enjoyed again.

I am not sure why Garry even had to respond, as usual elixwhitetail had it covered as the unofficial Facepunch spokesperson. Oh wait …

He was just trying to help. What the hell is your problem, dude?

It’s good to know the Dev Team have a presents here, and are working on the problems we see, or to tell us that certain problems they are aware of and that they are working on them.

This is all good PR work in my books.

Mine is running like crap on the exp server, ill just keep trying every friday till it works ok.

Good work tho, looks good so far

Mines been running a lot better since yesterday. Almost smooth now… until buildings are introduced :smiley:

There’s a nice vibe in the experimental servers. At least after one has adjusted the graphics settings.

My game is running 60-80 fps normally, and now I’m getting some Fps drops to 10-20 for some reason, like if I’m shooting other players and they are shooting me, this is so weird anyone know what’s the problem?