Anyone else missing Barrels since update?

can’t find any on my server :frowning:

the barrel thieving aliens took them

i have barrels on my server. they are more rare now

Yea, found a few in the desert. Very rare now!

i think i only have the small rad house for lootspot on my server. :frowning: 4000x4000 map

with the removal of barrels I hope they have made some unradiated houses with loot boxes just like the older rust!

I’m finding some. They are rarer now, but I mainly put that down to the fact that everyone is currently barrel hunting to replenish their BPs. Once people have got the BPs they need, and everyone is not all hunting for barrels at the same time, I think it will go back to normal.

lol I just banned ThePowerofGoogle because I don’t want to do that, too lazy.

I’ve found a few in playing a couple of hours last night. They seem rarer, but they’re still there. They’re just not littered all over the place like before. I think they were a little too plentiful before.