Anyone else not able to login and play?

Clicking the “Login” tab after typing in email and password does nothing. Can’t get the game to load. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I’ve cleared my cache/everything, and even tried a different browser (chrome and firefox).

Also, here is a google search for “boobs” to make the post NSFW:

Do you have an alpha key? If not then leave these forums and never come back.

Can someone other than the village idiot offer any suggestions?

So you can not login into the website? Did you use 0000000 key?

Hi village idiot

No key, no play

Also your google search is horrible. Go away.

Snapster: I’ve been playing just fine before the latest patch.

jord: Dance for me, jester.

Then you must have gotten banned.

Great job!

Hadn’t done anything to warrant a ban. If you haven’t experienced this problem, please refrain from posting - but I guess telling a troll to take the stick out of his ass will just incite him to shove it in even further - go wild, guy.

Must… wait for key.

I have a key and have had some trouble logging in this afternoon. If he has been able to play before I don’t see the need to berate the poor guy…

has the problem been resolved? (another note 100th post!)

Nope. No confirmation (e.g. successfully logged in, or invalid username/password, etc.) when I try to login.

I have a key , but the log in button is not working :pwn:

Also not able to login. Clicking the login batton doesn’t do anything - no error message or notin.

Oh, wow. The amount of begging sheep are out weighing the good members of FP when we get “Dumb” icons on a stupid post. If you do not have a key now you will never get one. If you used the zero key odds are you are banned/unable to play. Wait for the game to come out.

The zero key works perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Here’s my experience with 0000000 keys. The day they came out I made about 6 accounts for friends but the only one that continued to work was the one I played on for a bit trying to find someone. So it seems as though if you actually played on the same day as that dupe happened you were allowed to keep your account. As to OP’s problem, ignore the trolls and wait it out, you should get it back hopefully.

Only one person in this entire thread “begged” for a key - and even then it’s a stretch; you think that this is a stupid post, yet you cannot even make a simple count…

Thanks - and about Dutchess and jordguitar - they are only posting in this thread to make quick judgements.

Finally found out why I was not able to login - I was putting my password in wrong, however the website doesn’t let you know that a login was attempted and failed.

Finally put in the right password, and it signed in instantly.

Oh, hell (face slap). Thank you, DogGunn!!

/end problem