Anyone else notice garry ignores support emails?


I have sent a few emails to garrymod’s support email address and not heard anything back, Does he even read them? Anyone had any luck contacting them?

I had know idea there was a support email. If there is i’m assuming its not for anything other then serious game failures. People tend to use the help and support forum.

its on, but sometimes the issues need to be sent to him, for example facepunch might not be able to fix the dam linux server crashing problem but he could.

Yeah, I’ve sent like 10 emails but haven’t got a single reply. Never.

Try dropping the questions here in the forums, you’ll probably be able to get an answer from someone else.

I remember getting a response from both Garry and Craig in 2010. A bit of time ago but I do believe they respond from time to time. If they aren’t responding, go to Help & Support and ask your questions or make help threads there.

The last person who made a post with said issue I think was told it was a source problem, if not I’m assuming it will have been reported in the Gmod13 bugs list. Unless your game is physically unplayable i doubt you are going to get a fix.
Again make a post with your problem and you may get a response from someone who can help.

He may read them, he just doesn’t reply, if it’s not important.

This, it’s obvious garry knows about the bug. Either he’s being ignorant about it’s importance/cannot do anything about it or is already looking into it.

He isn’t going to reply to every single email he gets about the same damn thing, I think I’ve only email Garry twice previously and I’ve received replies. One was only to ask for a Gmod Beta key though, to which he replied with just a simple key, no devotions of love, no declarations of deepening desires. Just a key, all lonesome and key looking… It didn’t look like a traditional key, it was all numbery like. Although it looking like a traditional key, like a big jail key from some medieval jail. Would be a bit tricky to enter into steam though, maybe you download the image and use it to unlock a game :D… Damnit stop making me ramble about crap, stupid whores :frowning:

I’m actually a bit of a dick though as I’ve still not got around to participating in the actual beta. I do plan to jump on before it’s released to fix all my servers up for it though.

Wait, you emailed him for a gmod beta key and he gave you one? I might try that :smiley:

I did phrase it as I needed one to prepare my game servers for Gmod 13, to which at the time I ran 4 of the servers in the top10 (population based).

Some day I hope to host a good server, Oh wait Linux gmod servers are still fucking broken…

Grow up

Grow up? Whats that supposed to mean.

I’m with macman2 on this one, the linux server situation is a disgrace.

Dispite the issues that are left unsolved for over a year there is the simple fact that he breaks linux with updates, mistakes happen. I can forgive a guy for that, not testing them is a bit worse can’t really forgive for that.

When your linux server is down for 1-2 weeks on updates while you wait for someone in the community to post a fix as garry hasn’t even noticed, it’s time to un-declare your support for linux.

To which email address?

Craig answers the support@ emails

[offtopic]When did garry get a hosting company?[/offtopic]

where did you get that from

look at his title

It isn’t his company, the company is using his title to advertise (and pretending it’s him is a dirty trick).
Damn funny that the link is broken though.