Anyone else notice the auction page is bugged?

Got my keys!

Looks very broken to me.

Bought a key for around $1.10 for a friend and no email…


same here, paid bit over 5$ for mine and nothing.

a friend of mine just tried to purchase a the key off the auction as well and did not recieve it. alot of issues happening before steam release.

Werent buy page shut down yesterday?

bought one aswell, did not recieve (as of now)

Same here, unfortunately. Only paid $2, but still… :slight_smile:

I paid and got nothing as well :frowning:

id say anyone who bought it during this time will get a key, or a refund, its definitely broken, cause i bought one too >->

I bought 5 keys :S

everyone will surely get either a key or a refund, so no need to worry, but i have to say i would prefer a key <3

I was buying more than 1 keys… but I was late lol. I just noticed that it starts from $20 now instead of $60 :o

we’ll get refunds, its clearly being exploited, considering theyve sold 60 keys since this thread was made

I demand a refund of my 33¢

I’ve bought a key at $28 and another one at $15. I wonder if I’ll get the third key for that price…


LOL! :dance:

Got my keys. Check your email!

hell they’ll all probabaly be taken back

I just got my keys in my email. So I guess it worked.

I got the keys :o