Anyone else optimistic because of 0 Public Trello updates recently?

I am a compulsive Rust Trello viewer. I have put off playing the game for a little while because of lack of updates and other games stealing my attention.

However, I have noticed that there has been a drop off in updates on the “Public” Trello.

To me, this indicates they are feverishly working in the background on new content that the public doesn’t see.

I am sincerely hoping this is the case. Art works on art, coders work on code. Art hasn’t put updates in a little while when they were putting out updates nearly every other day in a week, which leads me to believe they are working on something uber special.

I know they have said UI this, farming that. But realistically what timeline are we looking for these to be implemented? I feel like they need some HUGE content update to refresh people’s interest and I am sure they realize this as well. The 2 main artists haven’t posted anything substantial to the Trello… makes me hope they have something huge in the pipeline they are working on.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the next update will be a huge one with some new, unique gameplay element or do you think they are going to put out just another minor update?

Most important :

I assume they are working on the new GUI (almost finished as i can see ) and the item edior content. It may look small update for us but its for sure a huge update for them.

I think the next updates will be all about the UI and fixing the current bugs.

My guess is they are all enjoying the cash they’ve earned and sitting back on a beach drinking Pina Colada’s.

funny they cant work because their boss has other stuff to do

I’d like to see the private Trello. I’m sure it’s a gold mine !

Well I have my 20$ worth of a game already. I see the updates as free content :v:
On more serious note, they are doing things, give them some time. Maybe it’s finally an update where we get new NPCs. Which would be great!

I am also a compulsive Rust Trello viewer and I am wondering the same.

I think we will have new content on the next update, especially because Garry mentioned: “There was a lot of moaning last week about the lack of ‘new stuff’ in that update. So we’re looking at ways to bring you ‘new stuff’ faster. Getting the foundations for this is going to take longer than a week.”

Clearly, the “foundations” he was talking about was the new GUI, so maybe we should expect new items or something like that on next update.

They updated a character model face and the UI updates. The model face is a welcome change! Didn’t see that coming!

Yes, but it looks like Garry wants to scrap the new face in favor of user customization, which I think is a better idea…

Glad to see this thread want closed with reason “crap thread”. When my poll thread was similar to this one. The events page is full of postal going… well postal.

Your poll was a vote to try and predict what the devs would be releasing next. They’ll be patching what needs to be patched. Speculating on what it is, or trying to tell them what to release, is pointless.

Realistically, they’re most likely bent over their chairs in

Probably this.

These guys ARE working hard. The Rust Art Trello also shows a lot of movement, and as has been said before, they’re planning on the long-haul here, not the short run. We want them to figure out what they need to make the game successful in a year or two, not waste time on stuff to give us a little fun tomorrow.

In my opinion,they should get more help,hire a couple of new devs to investigate bugs and the “core Team Garry” should continue with the new stuff.
The GUI according to this Trello site,is almost finished and we may even get it in the next update

  1. They’re hiring.

  2. You cannot simply throw more developers at a project and expect it to get done faster. Throwing more developers at a late project only makes it more late.

Be patient.

You absolutely can throw more developers at a project and expect it to get done faster. Brooks’s law is often used out of context. In this case, the project isn’t late, it’s moving slowly, and adding developers would speed it up. There are obviously diminishing returns involved, but adding developers to an understaffed project will speed it up eventually, even if initially it might slow it down.

I’m just hoping they don’t have some ludicrous “April Fools” nonsense updates coming on April 1st. Given that they had talked about not wanting to build code that would have to be discarded, I’m imagining they won’t be doing anything of that nature, but you never know. If nothing else, I hope that whatever code was included in such a concept would at least be useful in the long run, I.E. code that would provide safes that had to be lockpicked, or code that would eventually allow for doors to be lockpicked, or code that would allow us all to swim and art for fish eventually being introduced to the game even if it appeared on April 1st in an update that turned us all into penguins and sent us all into the oceans hunting for fish and trying to avoid predators.

Totally NOT true! They’re drinking *mojito’s.

Personally, don’t think the game really needs new content to make it more enjoyable at the moment. Would be nice later on, obviously, to have traps and other base building stuffs - but the updated UI is what I’m waiting for to play again. Got a lil tired of squinting at everything on the crafting menu :pwn:

They are definitely working on things, some of which they told us about in the last update post.

For example, the Game Administrator and other additions they’ve been planning (farming maybe).

For real. I have my PC displaying on a big ass tv in my living room, and still have to pull up a chair like 4 feet away from the screen to be able to read stuff.