Anyone else seeing this error post patch?

This is what I am getting on any gameserver I try to connect to, this is new. Usually you could connect to a server and just lag your ass off, now I cannot seem to join any. Could this be something outside the realm of DDoS or could it be related?

Tried to connect to things via IP and Server browser.

Wondering if anyone else was seeing the same.

Getting the same error with servers I host and trying to join other peoples.

Probably something to do with the DDOS?

Got this problem 2 :l

I’ve been trying to play all day and I cant join a single server doesnt matter which one it is

Yah… not sure it’s DDoS related though. I have friends in servers on the same version I am on. This network log flags thing seems to go deeper.

I had this error, or an error similar to it prior to the patch but somehow I always managed to connect successfully.

And we wait.