Anyone else think customizing armor is game-critical?

It’s a huge issue to me that, in the heat of combat, I can never really be sure who’s who. The names above players’ heads aren’t reliable enough, and when everyone’s wearing full kevlar I end up shooting my friends half the time.

I would be happy putting off all further updates (except for fixing exploits) just to be able to paint my clothes.

Has anyone come up with a way to deal with this issue?

I’d like to see more clothing customization, but that depends heavily on how its implemented.

I don’t think its critical though.

yup , currently it is physically impossible to recognize people at a distance.

where in real life you could easily do so.

For the time being, you can have your group wear specific sets, like all kevlar with a cloth hat, or all leather with radpants, etc.

True, but I’d really rather not give up a piece of kevlar armor. Hitpoints are hitpoints, even if it is just a hat.

My outfit of choice as a server admin is full kevlar minus the pants

I also run a mod that sets censorship off by default.

I’m pretty unmistakable.

When you see some one that you dont know who it is say “Jump Check” then all of your friends will jump and you will know. this is how i deal with it.

So a randomly generated face would be a realistic solution

We do jump checks, but it’s not really practical in a battle.

Another option could be a signal. Like flashing a laser light 3 times or something to show you are friendly. or just using chat/voip

It’s 100% critical just as a weapon holster is. When you’re in a group battle, you can’t realistically do a “jump” check or “flashlight” check. Implementation of customization (at the very least, a ton more clothing and accessory items) should take precedence over their other “to do” list items on Trello.

Because we definitely need hot pink clothes before we have a complete game

Definetly, id recommend reading up this thread and keep talking there about it.

Other players should be able to steal your special gang uniform.

I’d like to be able to dye clothes different colours so that I had an outfit suitable for all occasions.

I’d like a hat slot. With lots of different hats that that we can craft that are purely cosmetic.

Also, I’d like there to be some way to see someone’s name from farther away.

SOME sort of differentiation, be it cosmetic or a name awareness thing, is necessary.

Honestly, for anyone who played the game Darkfall… you know how hard it is to fight large groups against large groups. Things that helped: weapons, armor types, racial classes.

Rust will have to figure it out on their end, how is one person or one group of people going to identify themselves? What ramifications arise from allowing that? Guilds, squads, teamed building projects, cities, then armies?

Does Rust want that? Can the servers support it?

Then deal with it :slight_smile: Otherwise find a way to coordinate, like someone said - jump check - torch check. flashlight check. There are ways to do it, get creative.

Well maybe until customizations come in the next best thing is to be able to mark various characters with an icon over their heads noting them as either hostile or friendly. This marker farther than names, but not farther than say 50m. At a certain distance in real life it would be difficult to properly identify and you need to get close.

This would also be good for those not in your group but have a specific history with.

I find the need for painting/dying clothes really good for rust in the future because then what if the person I was playing with was somebody I just met and we didn’t have any voice chat methods like teamspeak. This is why I would like to so I can have the upper hand just in case I see them first and get the upper hand.