Anyone Else with this Problem?

Hello everyone,

so my problem is this. Since yesterday it happen quite often that my whole inventory getting lost when i going out of the game and log me in later. Also i spawn Randomly on the Map.

That happen to me Yesterday 5 Times, Today only one time but only because it pissed me off.

And everyone Who think maybe there was a Server Reset, nope there wasn’t i ask the other Player for it.
Also I logout when i was in my House, so the question is. What de heck i doing wrong or what da Heck is wrong with the Game? I now it is Alpha, but if it’s a Bug i had to report that.

Sry for my bad english is not my mother Tongue.

When you log out, your character “sleeps” and is vulnerable to attack. There is a 97% chance someone happened upon your “Sleeper” and killed you.

Really? So that would mean, that i can go to my Neighboor who living next to me and i could kill him randomly and he will never known that i was it? Or how i had to understand this?