Anyone ever have issues using valve's maya 2009 script with maya 2009?

Recently the copy of maya 2009 I have has been acting buggy with the valve released 2009 scripts. I had it working earlier perfectly, closed it as it seemed to cause some conflict with source SDK booting. Then later seems to bug out that it can’t load the proper DLL or maya script files for SMD export. Before you suggest using the other scripts out there, or switch to a different program, Praill’s smd scripts always cause max/min of triangles to be exported backwards, such that even a simple box can not be compiled correctly into source. Currently reinstalling maya to see if that was the issue, already refreshed the scripts from the SDK content.

The error it is getting is one of which it attempts I guess to create a temporary Maya script which points to the DLL valve has or something else. As the error seems to be that it can’t save some temporary file when it tries to load one of the 3 plug-ins from the valve scripts.

Thanks in advance, Sonic5039.

Edit: Added a copy of the error I’m getting, clone stamped the user name out of the directory. Basically the blank spaces are just the windows 7 user name I have on the computer.

Strictly the error pops up when vsmaster.mll is loaded as a plug in.