Anyone ever see a 86?

Im looking for a full addon drivable Toyota Corrola AE86 Sprinter Trueno GTS

This car is a legend in street racing. It has a whole anime series dedicated to it’s glory.

It also has many clubs in organizations dedicated to it

Its even still used today in professional racing.

With all of its awesomeness and me being a jdm fan, couldn’t there be a addon
Here’s a picture!


I can make one if you want. It might take a while because I transferred computers but I can definitely do one.

Don’t make one for me, make one for every D1 race fan who plays gmod.
Make sure its the Sprinter Trueno GTS. The one with the pop-up headlights, that’s the one everyone loves. Also, do the panda paint job, as seen above.

Another detail is that the late 80’s corolla included a speedometer alarm
Sounds a bit like this (needs a bit of editing to space the chimes out, was the only good sound i could find in 10 minutes)

You could fix the sound by chopping off the last chime, seeing as its just gonna loop anyway.
It triggered at about 80 mph or 128 kph
This being a Japanese car the speedometer displayed kph.
For any more details feel free to pm me.

Lol if you make it, Just watch. People will be trying to remake inital D.

I see its on netflix.

I know a couple of people who have made pretty good drivable replicas.

Maybe you could show one or two of them this thread and see if they’re up to it?
It’s obvious that none are already made, so someones gonna have to make one.

I’m one of the guy’s DiscoBiscuit is talking about concerning ‘drivable replicas’


The entire body is made from holograms, the hood, trunk, and holo flip up headlights work as well. The video in this post has my ae86 before i swapped prop made headlights for holograms.

Maybe I could have that? :slight_smile:

I have to do some more tweaking because a few wiremod updates went by and some of the components are broken. (Flip up headlights have the wrong holomodel somehow now and hydraulics somehow stopped functioning + E2 chip went bezerk)

PM me if it gets fixed, I used to hang out at discobuild and i remember that car, so i could join again if you’d like.

If I could get the ip for discobuild, since i lost it, that would be good too.