Anyone familiar with this error?

Hi, I added a load of custom SWEPS to f2s:stronghold, it worked great, then, I restarted the server and it still works for everyone else, but I can’t get in, which is really confusing.

I get this error:

[ERROR] gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/vgui/sh_loadoutpanel.lua:237: attempt to concatenate a boolean value

  1. OnRowSelected - gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/vgui/sh_loadoutpanel.lua:237
  2. DoRefreshLicenses - gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/vgui/sh_loadoutpanel.lua:371
    3. Refresh - gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/vgui/sh_loadoutmenu.lua:44
    4. Open - gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/vgui/sh_loadoutmenu.lua:62
    5. unknown - gamemodes/stronghold/gamemode/cl_panels.lua:147
    6. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54

I hadn’t changed anything since the restart

Did you buy stronghold?


proof I have access to RoaringCow’s svn:

To add custom weapons I put all of the weapon models in content/models/weapons

and then I went into entities/weapons and put the correct folders in there, then proceeded to add them to the shared.lua

So why not contact him…?

Post the code please.

well, I have tried emailing him, but he rarely replies to his email, and I am unable to register on his forums, as I don’t receive a email to confirm my account

then use a different email, some systems just dont send out emails to certain providers.

the confusing thing is that only I am getting the error and the only difference between me and other players is that I am the host

Seems to me like they’re custom weapons that don’t support the loadout.
Example : ar2.
So theres probably a way to support custom weapons. Yeah, try talking to the creator about that one. I never worked with stronghold.

well, they have worked fine up until I just restarted my server, and its strange how only I am getting the error, but, I am trying to reinstall my game and seeing if its that.


reinstalling game had no effect

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I emailed RoaringCow and he manually activated my account asking on forums now, thanks for your help