Anyone found a fix for the glitchy ragdolls yet?

Most of my ragdolls do a T-Pose upon spawn and are unresponsive to the physgun. Roughly the same thing for player models; when I die as an addon playermodel, he freezes in place and does an awkward t-pose, but the camera follows an invisible ragdoll. I’m thinking maybe the huge GM13 update, with its LUA change and whatnot, messed with the rigging and skeletons, so maybe the modders just have to rerig the playermodels/ragdolls.

I’ll post screenies when I get them, but for right now I’m trying to find a solution. Doesn’t matter if it’s temporary.

Like this, correct?

Now there’s three threads on this at the top of Help & Support. Someone’s gotta find an answer.

Yep, just like that.
I’ve also a problem when I die as a CS:S model, even: just the weird t-pose and then nothing.

please message me if anyone finds a fix