Anyone found the caves yet on experimental?

I cannot find a single video on Youtube of it but I keep hearing people on the experimental say they’ve found a cave.
So, has anyone here done it?

I don’t know if they’ve actually implemented them yet, they’ve been doing some testing of bringing the assets into their terrain generator. I could be wrong though.

I do not believe they have been added yet - if they have been, then they are hiding pretty damn well, and so are the beaches the devs have been talking about.

Beaches I have found plenty of times, but they indeed were not the most common and often took long walks to get to.

Sounds like it is time for more exploring. The beach concepts they added to their Trello were pretty nice looking.

I’m pretty sure the caves are in an art test scene that isn’t integrated into experimental.

To be sure, by beaches you mean the decently long slope of sand leading down to a water source, or encircling a lake or something?

I call that “pirate island” and nope I haven’t found that yet, but that looks very good and it looks like something that would house a cave.

Yea I don’t think those areas have been implemented yet, they’re still in planning stages from what I understand.

I’ve a feeling it won’t be long:

Sadly :slight_smile: i have wandered the experimental map for over 6 hours today yes i did look on the north beach and no caves.


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