Anyone found the lighthouse yet ?

So been running round a few maps but not found this yet.

I wandered a whole map yesterday/today found both the wolf statues and the satellite dish, circumnavigated the map keeping the coast in sight and then swept the middle to no avail.
also tried this on the small map with a different seed found the 3 landmarks named above but no lighthouse.

anyone see it yet?
have i just missed it?

Nothing on the server I admin, and I’ve quick traveled and tp’d all around the place searching for it. Found the Sat dish, 2 wolves and nothing else… Maybe it has something to do with the seed, I’m hoping next wipe we might get lucky.

i have tried a few seeds and asked about on populated server and i am pretty sure it’s not in :confused:

I wasn’t under the impression last devlog that they were added, just that they were close to being added.

That’s why I posted that pic of the devblog which states “it’s in game now”

Apologies, brain fart.