anyone generous ?

would anyone be generous enough to give me a copy of Garry’s Mod? i know its only $9.99 which is cheap for such a good game. but i just cant afford it, been trying to gain money on steam for a while now to be able to buy the game but haven’t had much luck. would anyone be kind enough to help me out ?

Steam : XxThatWhitexX

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so no one will help me get this game ?



If you can afford Battlefield, Rust, and Arma. You should be able to afford Garry’s Mod.

Or wait for it to go on sale for $5, the cost of a hamburger, in a few weeks.

i bought two copies of gmod for 5$

where do u buy it for 5$ and the othere games were gifts

When it’s on sale, like they said before.

I refuse to believe you dont have $10


I’ve seen it on sale for $2.50 before, which is the equivalent of working for 20 minutes at minimum wage. If you really want gmod then go out and find some yard work to do, or even get a part time job if you’re old enough.

If you don’t have $10 you probably aren’t old enough to be playing anyways.