Anyone getting annoyed how half the userbase is people trying to mount psi?

seriously when he started streaming the chat went mental, if it he never found rust then we wouldnt have this import of june2013 posters constantly asking for beta keys…

Well let’s be honest that UberHaxorNova’s videos also caused a spike in popularity.

Any videos really spike popularity.

SeaNanner’s also Tweeted about the game.

People were doing that before, I don’t think that streamers are to blame here, it’s completely natural.
The hill there is very visible, people like to find their way back once they die, and that hill seems to be very close to one of the spawn points …

Well at least he is making the community better, now there is an actual system now to show you’re friendly… Wouldn’t make such a big fuss out of it.

There is no system to show you your friendly, and what has that got to do with anything?

i am talking about how the chat was filled with braindead morons and how mosts of his fangirls were signing up here and constantly asking for “beta keys”.

for the worst example

go look at my profile comments

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They’ll probably lose interest because they can’t immediately play and leave. Looks like we’ll just have to deal with it.

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Atleast PewDiePie hasn’t made a video about it.

oh god

don’t even say it

Publicity is good, quit being babies.