Anyone getting crashes after today's update?

Some of my community’s players are complaining about crashes, but I’m not getting anything even though I updated.

What about you guys? Oh gosh I hope there isn’t a Source update that broke Garry’s Mod. Our overlord is getting his butt tanned in the land of pyramids, we’re screwed until he comes back if it is… I think.

yup, there’s an engine update and I’m crashing right before the menu finishes fading in

Weeeeeeeeelp see you guys in a week. :suicide:

I can get into the game, however I can’t join any servers without crashing. Others have the same issue, I see they join then time out in the console

Gmod 13 appears to be working fine if you are in need of Gmod

Our gameservers aren’t ported to Gmod 13 yet. :frowning:

Guess it’s time to start ^^

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As for me…

Oh well, good thing I don’t use GM12.

Shit I still use 12 :frowning:

I don’t see why people seriously don’t start porting to/creating on GM13… it’s nearly just as stable now and you’re going to have to do it sooner or later.

because some things are half broken

i’ll start doing it once lua refresh works properly, until then it’s just as much of a pain to do it on gmod 12

Because not everything we need in Gmod 13 is fully functional yet.

I use Lua refresh perfectly fine, gamemodes, entities, the works.

Because I don’t want to change all the shit I make until I’m forced to?
I’m surely not the only one.

Unhandled Lua Refresh: [NAME:lua/autorun/luatest.lua] [TYPE:!UNKNOWN]
Unhandled Lua Refresh: [NAME:lua/autorun/luatest.lua] [TYPE:!UNKNOWN]
Unhandled Lua Refresh: [NAME:lua/autorun/luatest.lua] [TYPE:!UNKNOWN]
Unhandled Lua Refresh: [NAME:lua/autorun/luatest.lua] [TYPE:!UNKNOWN]

looks good boss!

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yeah, too many things are changing, and they are changing way too fast. you get half way into converting something and another part of that script will break next update

I just stopped everything involving lua together, figured I might as well not make anything else until the beta is forced upon us.

Ugh. Garry broke gmod again.

is this a joke or something?

you understand he didn’t break it, right?

What am saying is that every server i want to log on crashes me. >.>

Yeah blame garry

What a dumbshit stupid garry I wish he never made gmod in the first place >.>

how on earth is that garry’s fault?

he’s in egypt man