Anyone getting this lag?

:siren: Only thing i could of to fix it was to Reinstall GMOD. So if you getting this problem, do what i did. :siren:


I have this too. Happened to me with every game right after I installed CS:S.

Anyone know what the problem could be?

Maybe something about CS:S?

Have you tried to play with css unmounted?

How would you go about doing that? Through the gameinfo.txt or by uninstalling CSS completely?

I think you can un-mount it from the Gmod settings.

/facepalm on my behalf.


It’s nothing wrong with CS:S I’ve had GMod for 7 months now and I only have CS:S and TF2 mounted, and I don’t get insta-lag

All my other games work fine, its just GMOD for some reason. Its so unplayable right now. Lags for no reason! :[

i know its odd only started what a few days ago if that?