Anyone going to port Fallout: New Vegas Content?

Anyone going to port Fallout: New Vegas Content?

I could port the weapons and props over, if I had the game. Anyone willing to gift it to me in exchange for porting stuff?

Eventually. It just came out, let people play it first.

Learn to port it yourself if you can’t wait.

I’m looking at the creature models at the moment. Going to play it first. :v:

Do want NCR ranger armor. And perhaps all the ‘classic’ Fallout stuff like what appears to be a Bozar in some of the ads.

i love how the NCR soldiers look

already working on already beat the game with the good ending

will post more photos in like 10 or so minutes

i wont gift it to you but i will send you the stuff if you put me on the credit list

looking for some muties?

and ncr have power armour?

What i would like to see ported and rigged as a playermodel is:

NCR Trooper
Legion Soldier

Let’s not forget any of the new props\models avaliable.

yep if you ever make your way to the hoover dam and the NCR main base they have NCR soldiers in power armor but you can only see them at the hoover dam in the visitors center of the hoover dam

any chance that silver mutant that teleports could become a snpc? they look fucking awsome! (thats not a direct request btw)

(it was in one of the trailers, and apparently you can get one as a companion)

I’m waiting for this…

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The Nightkin.

Yeah they “liberated” it off brotherhood corpses in their war with them.

i can have it soon lol

Awesome, maybe the Gannon Family Tesla armor as well?

so basicly, obsidian said " fuck fallout 3, you screwed our armour/mutants up, we will make our own?

Actually, the Nightkin are from fallout 1/2, just like the power armor(and some of the weapons, CZ57 Avenger, Plasma caster, etc.). And Nightkin don’t teleport, they use stealth boys.

Damn, you people work fast.

Yeah it’s fo3 that messed up most of the continuity up. It’s nice to know obsidian at least stuck to some vestiges of the old continuity. The war between NCR and BOS and a couple of other stuff from what I hear.

Notice how the render images look about 2000% times better than the in-game images? Yup. Gamebryo.