Anyone got a copy of SpaceRP lying around?

I want to fix it up, but despite hours of searching it seems impossible to find a copy of the last release - mainly because its from 2007, but still.

Anyone interested in this being completed for today’s Gmod? If so, and nobody has a copy, I’ll recode it from scratch - but I really, REALLY, do not want to do that :frowning:

Original SpaceRP thread.

I wish. I remember playing this it was so fun.

I might remake it from scratch some day. However, that was one of my first scripts, and I no longer have a copy of it.

Oh so you do live.

Well, I’ll happily remake it if people want it - if you’ll let me.

Still, if anyone has a copy of the original please lemme know.

Feel free to. But a better way would probably be, that you derive the gamemode (G.DeriveGamemode) from the latest SpaceBuild, and then include some simple roleplay functionality such as money, OOC, titles, etc.

I probably would have gone that route anyway being honest. Still would have (hopefully) a nice return to your epicness.

I would like to point out the fact that with SB3 you do not even need to do that since SB3 is an addon.

Here’s a link to the gamemode if you guys haven’t found it.

yay! thanks! I’ll get working on this tomorrow.