Anyone got a spare key? :)

Has anyone got a spare key. No one is posting anything in the beta keys thread except for fake keys and aloda crap. If you get on pm me or add me on steam.

I think they should just close that thread now and make a new one for future keys but lock it so only mods can post there.

No Bro sorry but i need a another one for my friend so if anyone has a spare key ill give you arma 3 beta on steam for it

Nah I’m good, I have arma 3 and 4 lite keys

Yeah everybody on the thread just post fake keys.

I’m going to give you some real advice here, amidst all the bullshit that is being said.

Stop asking for keys. No one has “a spare.” They’ve all been used. You cannot beg, buy, or do some magical posting to get one. Garry will post in the “Beta Keys” thread with new keys as he deems them available which may be in 5 minutes, or never.

If you want to spot when he posts first, use the Ticker.

Usernames show up on the left when they make a post.

Best of luck!