Anyone got a trap map?

Are there any good trap maps out there at the moment. You know the sort of map where you could put, say an NPC into an area, press a button and the would be set on fire, killed with a giant saw or hammered, that sort of thing. Are these maps out there already? What is the name, and if there isn’t can someone make one as I’m sure it would be popular. or

This does ***not ***belong in LUA.

I posted it in requests


Oh wait you’re right sorry. But I kiiinda does a little. Maybe X)

Lua requests, as in requests for projects to be scripted in Lua.

Yeh ok I didn’t read it properly I’m on an iPod but can someone answer the question anyway?


Oh god I hate using this for web! Tyvm for the map that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Why didnt you just search for “trap” on, instead of having other people do it?

shhhh… (jk)