Anyone got scripts for Jailbreak last requests?

Hey so I am setting up last requests for my jailbreak server and I got all the simple ones like deagle battle, duel, no scope etc.

But I also want to add shot 4 shot where prisoners takes turns into shooting 1 bullet from their deagle (if that makes sense), deagle toss that leaves a marker to where the deagle landed.

And one more I have seen on other servers but I think this one is a lot more complicated which is dodgeball with the actual balls texture looking like some kind of red and blue balloons that bounce around and doing small amount of dmg to players on contact.

I’m only a beginner when it comes to lua and still learning so I though if anyone already knows how to do it or has a script ready for something like this they would be willing to share it.


I’ve seen the LR games your talking about, they’re both from LifePunch and with dodgeball you could literally make the weapon, its the RPG model, and it propels the bouncy balls.

You might have played on Behind Bars about a year ago. The code is on github here

It won’t work by itself because it requires some other libraries, and the code is pretty messy, but you could re-use a lot of the code anyways :slight_smile:

It was behind bars indeed :stuck_out_tongue: This is creepy because I just commented on your youtube video saying how I played on your server xD