Anyone got star wars clone wars models?

Im looking for star wars: clone wars models cuz i have a RP im doing
it would be greatly appreciated

what do you want clones or the cartoonish 3D clones well the regular clones exist as players

put clones in and see what comes up, if that doesnt work google it, if it still doesnt work come back here and maybe someone will help

the cartoonish
i know theres a wii game for the clone wars
any chance you can rip them from there?
also lego models would be awesome too

sorry those dont exsist to my knowledge.
but the non cartoonish do exist.

do you guys know anyone who can rip the models?

It’s highly unlikely anyone is going to port “lego clones” or “cartoon clones” for the sake of your “RP”.

dude its a frickin request
i was just wondering if anyone could help me
you dont need to be such a downer

He was just telling you that you’re probably not going to get what you want. Sometimes you have to pay for things to get done, or there’s a possibility there’s no porting tools for things. So he isn’t being a downer.

ya i know
thing is i dont got any money
and i have some time to spare

I doubt anyone is going to make “Clone Wars” styled models anytime soon.
Deal with my Clonetrooper models for now.

thanks anyway ^^