Anyone got the addict achievement yet?

I’m wondering if anyone has actually gotten this achievement. I’m 1/4 there and I’ve been playing for years.

CapsAdmin definitely has with his 25k hours.

It only takes about 8800 hours. I’m just shy of half that, and I’ve been playing since 09.

I got one Steam friend who used to AFK a lot who has it. Other than that, not any people I know.

Why do you guys care so much about someone getting that achievement? A lot of people use stuff like SAM + Afking a lot of achieve these stuff.

You act like we are jumping up and down for this achievement. We are simply just asking if anyone has it…

I got the “One Day” achievement when I accidentally left the game on overnight, which was odd because I thought you actually had to be actively playing the game to get it. I’m not going to complain though.

But that is as close as I got so far.

I know many people with this achievement. Nothing special.

Lmao. I’ve only reached 28% of the GMod addict achievement. Only been playing since 2007 or 08.

I’m bout half way there, looking forward to officially having no life!

I kid, as if I ever had one…

4300 hours Oh yeah, have been playing since late 2011 ^^

Steven :smiley: has the achievement.

3108 hours and I’ve been playing since mid 2012 (Like, September).

So since a bit over 1 year you’ve been playing gmod every day for at least 1/3 of that day. Basically 8h per day.

Yup that sounds about right.

I’ve played for 14,165 hours and still have not unlocked the achievement. Strange.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been afk in the menu most of the time, eh

7755 hours.

Im lonely.

keep in mind, addict only counted after the achievements were added

Can you even get all the achievements in garrys mod? Some of them seem highly unlikely, like the one where you have to play on the same server as garry.

Also the one about going to jail for getting 10000 likes on one item int he workshop :V. The only people I can think of getting that would be the people who made wiremod.